How can I move an org chart to another user account?


Q:  How can I send or email my chart to a different Organimi account? 

A:  You can transfer your charts into another account in 2 easy steps: 

  1. Have the other user add you as an Administrator to their organization(s).
  2. Login to your account, find the chart you want to move, click the 3 dots, then move the chart.   


Here are step-by-step instructions, if you need more clarity.

  1. The other user must add you as an Administrator to their organization(s). For details see, Adding an Administrator.
  2. From your organization's dashboard, click the More Actions button (three dots), next to the chart that you wish to move.  For details see, Moving Your Org Chart To A Different Organization.



                                      mceclip2.png  A pop-up menu appears.





3. Select Move Chart.


                               mceclip2.png  The Move Chart pop-up window appears.



                          a. In the Move Chart to Organization field, click the drop-down arrow, and select the 
                              organization to which you wish to move the chart.
                          Note: If the user gave you Administrative rights, the user's organization will display.
                          b. Keep the checkmark in the Keep the original chart after move field, to keep a copy
                              of the chart in your account. You can delete the chart when you are happy with the
                           c. Click the More Options link to customize your chart. You can choose granular settings                                 for which parts of the chart get moved. 
                           d. Click the Move Chart button to transfer your org chart.
The other user can remove your Administrator's rights if desired. For details see, Removing An Administrator


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