How to Embed Your Org Chart on Atlassian Confluence


In this article, we will show you how to embed your org chart on Atlassian Confluence.


  1.  From the Overview section of the Your Space Homepage, click the Pencil icon.



   2.   Click the down arrow on the Insert More Content Icon.


                                           A popup menu appears.



 3.  Select View More.


                                                        The Select macro screen appears.




               a. In the search box, type iframe.

               b. Click the Iframe macro. 


                                                The IFrame Embed Chart screen appears.




                  a. In the Enter Domain / URL field, add the website URL where you will be

                      embedding your org chart.

                  b. Click the Select IFrame Embed Options link.

                  c. Click the Copy IFrame Embed Code to Clipboard link.

                  d. Click the Save Embed button.


  4. Paste the copied URL into Notepad or any other text editor.



5. Copy only the highlighted section as in the image above.

6. Complete the following activities on the Insert IFrame Macro screen.


                   a. Scroll down to the URL field and paste the URL from Notepad.

                   b. In the Width field, type 100%.

                   c. In the Height field, type 800px.

                   d. Click the Insert button.


                                         Your org chart appears on your Confluence page.



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