Importing A CSV/Excel File With Custom Fields

  1. Open the Chart into which you wish to import custom fields.
  2. Click the Bulk Import button.



                                      mceclip1.png  The Import Members and Roles screen appears.




                  a.  Click the People (Roster) or Chart + People (Roster) button.

             b. Do one (1) of the following:

                 .  Drag and drop a CSV or Excel file onto the grey Drag and Drop a CSV... area  

                 .  Click the Drag and Drop a CSV... area, browse for the CSV/Excel file, then double-click

                        the file to select it.


                                   mceclip1.png  Organimi automatically updates the field names that match the column

                                       headings of your Roster list.



 3.  Click the drop-down arrow to change the entry to a different column heading, if required.

          Note: You cannot make your own manual entry into the fields.

     4. Organimi automatically detects the additional columns and asks if you wish to add them as

         custom fields.



5.  Click the ADD FIELDS NOW button to accept.



6.  Click the Settings icon beside each custom field and choose your options, i.e. Field Type Tags.


      a.  Choose the appropriate Field Type, i.e. Numbers if you are importing a numbers column,                 Text to import text, etc.

  b.  If the field you are importing is a custom tag field, change the Field Type to Tags. Use       

       custom tag fields to display multiple variables, i.e. Skills:  SQL:Python: Sharepoint.  

            c.  In the Fields Applies to field, click the appropriate radio button. 

            d.  If you wish the field to be Private ( The field will only be accessible by the organization

                      administrators and account owners), click the Private Field slider to enable it.

            e. Click the SAVE FIELD button.

            f. Click the ADD NOW button. 


                         mceclip1.png  You are returned to the Import Members and Roles screen.


  7. Click the NEXT button.

  8. The file has been uploaded, review the list of names that appear.


   9. Click the FINISH button.

                       mceclip1.png   A message appears confirming the number of records imported.




To have custom fields appear in the Org Chart (Skills, Hobbies, text or tag fields you imported using the Bulk Import feature), see Create A Custom Format With Custom Fields



Here's a quick video:





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