How To Create A Matrix Org Chart


Before building your matrix org chart, remember to do the following:

  1. Create an Organization.
  2. Add Members to the Organization's Roster

Organimi org charts are role-based, so you can set up a role structure and assign members to roles. 


There are two ways you can create your matrix org chart:

  • By Importing Data to automatically generate the org chart - saving you time
  • Manually


This article will help you manually build your matrix org chart.

  1. From your organization's dashboard:

a. Click the Charts icon.

b. Click the New Chart button. 





                              mceclip2.png  The New Chart pop-up window appears.




             a.  In the Chart Name field, type the name of your org chart.

             b.  Click the Matrix Org Chart radio button.

             c.  In the Matrix Top Axis Label field, type the name for the top axis.

             d.  In the Matrix Side Axis Label field, type the name for the side axis.

             e.  Click the Create Chart button.



                         mceclip2.png  The Organization Roster appears.





If you would like to automatically populate your chart, click the Bulk Import button.


        a.  Click the Create Matrix Leader button to create a team leader or Drag & Drop from your

             Roster. For details see, How To Add A Team Leader To Your Matrix Org Chart.

        b.  Click the Add Function button to add a team function. For details see,

             How To Add A Function To Your Matrix Org Chart.

        c.  Click the Add Team button to add a team. For details see,

             How To Add A Team To Your Matrix Org Chart.


      2. To Drag & Drop members to your matrix org chart see,

           How To Add Members To Your Matrix Org Chart.


                           mceclip2.png  Your matrix org chart.








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