Moving Your Org Chart To A Different Organization



In this article, we will show you how to move your org chart to a different organization. You can use this method to also transfer charts across accounts. The logged-in User must have Administrative permission to do so.


  1. From your organization's dashboard, click the More Actions button (three dots), next to the chart that you wish to move. 





                                      mceclip2.png  A pop-up menu appears.




2.   Select Move Chart.


                      mceclip2.png  The Move Chart pop-up window appears.






                          a.  In the Move Chart to Organization field, click the drop-down arrow and select the

                              organization to which you wish to move the chart.

                          b. In the New Chart Name field, click the to clear the field if you wish to give your org

                             chart a new name.




      4.  In the New Chart Name field, type a new name for your org chart.





                                     a.  Put a checkmark in the Keep the original chart after move field. When this

                                          option is unchecked, it deletes the current chart and only keeps the new chart.

                                     b.  Click the More Options link to customize your chart.


                                                mceclip2.png  A new Copy Chart pop-up window appears with menu options.




                                     a. Put a checkmark in checkboxes for features that you wish to add to your chart or

                                         uncheck options that you do not want to appear on your chart.

                                     b. Click the Move Chart button to save your changes.

                                     c. If you do not wish to customize your chart, click the Cancel button to go back

                                         to the previous screen.

          5.  Click the Move Chart button to move your org chart with default options.

          6.  Go to the Organization and click the chart to view it.  


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