How To Re-assign Someone To A Different Role


You have a choice of 2 methods when re-assigning someone to a different role in your org chart.


Method 1

Drag and drop the member from the Roster to their new role.


  1. Click the Roster icon to display your organization's roster. mceclip0.png



      2.  Hover the mouse over the member you wish to move and wait to see a four-headed arrow.




      3. Click the four-headed arrow and drag it to the new position.



Method 2

  • Remove the member from their current role

  • Create a new role and assign the member to that role OR assign the member to a vacant role


  1. To remove the member from their current role, hover the mouse over their role box.




       2.  Click the Role actions button.


                              mceclip1.png   A pop-up menu appears.





  3.  Select Edit Role.


                               mceclip1.png   The Edit Role screen appears.




                            a.  Click the Remove button to delete the member from the role. 
                            b.  Click the Save button.
                                             mceclip1.png   The role box appears with the <unassigned> label. 
  4. See Method 1 for instructions on how to drag and drop a member to the role.
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