Dragging And Dropping Vertically Stacked Roles


This article shows you how to reorder roles that are on the same level but vertically stacked.



  • The Drag & Drop function only works if, in Chart Display, you select the Order set in chart Role Sorting option
  • Other automatic chart sorting options will not allow you to manually drag and drop


To set up automatic chart sorting options see, Automatic Role sorting Options.


  1. Open the chart where you wish to sort roles.
  2. Currently, the QA Specialist is stacked at the bottom of the Engineering Department. Let us put the QA Specialist about the Graphic Designer.



       3. Hover your cursor over the QA Specialist role until you see a four-headed arrow (Move button).




      4. Click and hold the Move button. 

      5. Drag and hover over the Graphic Designer role.

      6. Drop the Move button onto the bottom + button of the Graphic Designer role.





                           mceclip3.png  A confirmation message appears.






7. Click the Move One Role button.


                                mceclip3.png  The Graphic Designer is now stacked at the bottom of the Engineering





For more details on dragging and dropping see, Dragging And Dropping roles.


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