How To Share A Sub Portion Of A Large Org Chart


This article gives you step-by-step instructions on sharing a sub-portion of a large org chart.


  1.  Open the chart that you wish to share.
  2.  Click the Share icon. mceclip0.png


                         mceclip1.png   A pop-up menu appears.




    3.  Select Share.


                              mceclip1.png   The Share Chart screen appears.



                 a. In the Add emails to share with.. field, type the email address of the person to whom

                     you wish to share the chart.

                 b. Click the down arrow next to the Add emails to share with.. field to set permissions.                    c. Click the Select Share Options link.


                                  mceclip1.png   A second Share Chart screen appears.




           a.  In the Top role field, type the name of the member in the top role of the department.

           b.  In the User access tool section, put a checkmark in any of the checkboxes to customize

                the chart display.

           c.  Click the Preview button to see the finished version of your sub chart.  

           d. Click the Save & Finish button to save your changes.


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