How Do I Delete A Photo From My Org Chart?



Q.  How do I Delete A Photo From My Org Chart?


A.  Find the member in your Roster, click the Edit icon and click the Remove Photo link. 


  1. Open the org chart in which you wish to remove the photo.
  2. Click the Roster button to display your organization's roster. mceclip0.png




      3.  Hover over the member whose photo you wish to remove until you see the Pencil icon. 

      4.  Click the Pencil icon.

                              mceclip1.png  The Edit Member screen appears.
       5.  Click the remove photo link.
       6.  Click the Save button.
                                  mceclip1.png  The Member no longer has a photo.
If you wish to make the role vacant, remove the member from the role. Your org chart will automatically display the <unassigned> label to that role.
You can change the <unassigned> label to Vacant in Chart Settings.
For details on vacant roles see:


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