Reporting To Multiple Managers


This article shows you how to assign a member to multiple roles so that they report directly or indirectly to more than one manager.


Method 1: 

  1. Drag and drop a member from the Roster on the left to assign someone to a role.
  2. Drag and drop the same person to a different role.
  3. They will then fill both roles. You can change assignments to a role at any time.



Method 2: 

  1. Hover over the role box, and click the Role Actions button (3 vertical dots).



                                  mceclip2.png  A pop-up menu appears.




      3.  Select Edit Role.


                                           The Edit Role screen appears.




                         a.  Click the Remove button to delete the current member from the role. 

                         b.  In the Search for existing members field, type a name to assign a different         

                               person to that role.

                         c.  Click the Save button.




Adding An Indirect Report 

To add an indirect report to the employee, open the Edit Role screen. 



                         a.  In the Search roster field, type the manager's name. 

                         b. Click the color box to add color to the dotted line.

                         c. Click the down arrow to select the dotted line type.

                         d. Click the Save button. 



                                       The employee now has an indirect report.





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