How Do I View My Account Information?


This article shows you how to view your account information and plan usage.


  1. From your organization's dashboard, click your name in the top right corner.


                         A popup menu appears.





     2.  Click My Account / Profile.


                   Your My Profile screen appears.





3.  From your account profile screen you can:

  •   View your profile
  •   Change your password            mceclip2.png


  •   Update your email            mceclip4.png


  •   View your account status
  •   From your Account Status screen, you can upgrade your plan, update billing information and cancel your plan.            




  •   Add or remove account owners            mceclip6.png


  •   Modify your license or plan. You can change your plan, increase addons or change billing.       



 For more account details see, Administrative Controls and Billing                


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