How To Make Department Boxes Smaller


 This article shows you how to make department boxes appear smaller on your org chart.


  1.  Open the org chart in which you wish to have smaller department boxes.
  2.  Click the Format Your Chart icon. mceclip0.png


                      mceclip2.png  The Format Your Chart screen appears.




3.  Click the Advanced Formatting link. 


                    mceclip2.png  The Edit Format screen appears.




              a.  Click the DEPARTMENT tab.

              b.  Click the UP or DOWN arrows in the Box Width field to adjust the width of the box.

              c.  Click the UP or DOWN arrows in the Box Height field to adjust the height of the box.    



                      The Department Format section gives you a preview as you change the box size.


              d.   When you are happy with the size of the box, click the SAVE FORMAT button.



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