Copying Your Org Chart

In this article, you will learn how to create a copy of your org chart.
Having a duplicated version of your chart is useful for but not limited to:
  • Maintaining different versions for sharing, setting permissions, etc.
  • Planning future structure changes or re-organization 


  1. From your organization's dashboard, click the More Actions button next to the chart that you wish to copy. 




                    mceclip2.png  A pop-up menu appears.


2.   Select Copy / Duplicate.


                      mceclip2.png  The Copy Chart pop-up window appears.



                   a.  Click the More Options button to customize your chart. 

                   b.  Put a checkmark in checkboxes for features that you wish to add to your chart or

                        uncheck options that you do not want to appear on your chart.

                   c.  Click the Copy Chart button to save your changes.

                   d. If you do not wish to customize your chart, click the Cancel button to go back to the

                       previous screen.                        


3. Click the Copy Chart button to copy your chart with default options.




                             mceclip2.png  A copy of the chart appears with the word (Copy) at the end of the name.






 Looking to move your chart to a different organization? Click Moving Your Org Chart To A Different Organization.



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