Optimizing Your Org Chart For Printing


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To access the print Options pane see, Access The Print Options Pane.



  1.  From the print Options pane, in the # of Pages field, click the down arrow and select Multiple   Pages.
  2.  In the Break Pages By field, click the down arrow and select Best-Fit.





      3.  Change the page size to adjust the layout of the pages. For step-by-step instructions

           see, Increasing And Decreasing The Page Size.

       4. To print the Chart see, Printing The Chart


Print From Here

  1. For step-by-step instructions see, Print Your Chart Starting With A Specific Member
  2. To print the Chart see, Printing The Chart


Formatting Your Chart For Printing

In this section, to save space you will learn how to:

  • Increase or decrease the font size
  • Conserve space by turning off photos or extra fields to only print a minimal amount of information
  • Optimize wide or tall charts for printing by making boxes wider or smaller


  1.  Create a custom format and give it a meaningful name e.g. Optimized Printing.
  2. With the Chart open, click the Format Your Chart icon.mceclip0.png

                mceclip1.png The Format Your Chart dialog box appears.




                                         a. Click the NEW FORMAT button.


                                                           mceclip1.png A new format appears in the Saved Formats field.

                                        b.  To give the format a meaningful name, click the vertical dots and from the

                                             pop-up menu select, Rename Format.




                                         c.  Type the new name e.g. Optimized Printing.

                                         d.  Click the Update Name link.




      mceclip1.png  The new name appears in the Saved Formats field.






                      a.  Click the slider to turn off member photo.

                      b.  In the Member: Name and Role: Name fields, click the down arrow to increase or

                           decrease font size.

                      c.  Adjust the width of role boxes to make them smaller or wider by clicking the  Plus

                           (+) or Minus (-) buttons.

                      d.  Click the DONE button.


                                  mceclip1.png  Your Chart appears without photos, with smaller font and box sizes.




Adjust Stack Settings

Change the chart display settings to make roles stack after 1 role and your Chart will be horizontal. A higher number will make your Chart vertical.

For step-by-step instructions on how to adjust stack settings see:


To print the Chart see, Printing The Chart

Shared Roles

If you are using shared roles, enable the Condensed Shared Role setting to use less space by displaying employees in a list. For details see, Displaying Multiple Employees In A List.  





To print the Chart see, Printing The Chart. 


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