Printing Large Charts

Charts with more than 75 employees are considered large and are best displayed across multiple pages.


  1.   To access the print Options pane see, Access The Print Options Pane.
  2.   The following are options for printing large Charts:

                 a.  Print on a large or poster-size page.

                 b.  Print several sub-charts that together create a full chart. Click Show Manager Path to

                       include the full reporting structure in the Chart. 

                 c.   Each department appears on a different page. In the # of Pages field, select Multiple

                      Pages. In the Break Pages By field, select Department

                 d.  Display the Chart by levels. In the Include # of Levels field, toggle the Plus (+) or Minus (-)

                      buttons to show Levels on your Chart. 

                 e.  Select the Auto page size option to generate one large PDF of your Chart. Then, use the

                      Adobe Readers Poster printing option to break the Chart across pages. 

                 f.  The best-fit option tries to fit as much as possible on the least amount of pages.
  3.  To print the Chart see, Printing The Chart
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