Integrating Your Org Chart With Paycom

This article shows you how to integrate your Org Chart with Paycom. To do so, export your data from Paycom and import into Organimi.
  1. Save your data in a .csv file format.



       2.  Follow Organimi's data import specifications to prepare the .csv file for import. For details 

            see, Creating An Excel / CSV File For Import.

       3.  Import the completed .csv file using Organimi's data import wizard. For details see, 

Creating An Org Chart By Importing Data.

       4.  Now that your Org Chart is in place, build, modify and customize your Chart. Organimi provides

            you with lots of step-by-step instructions, FAQs, videos, and tips for working with your Chart. For

           details see, How to Create an Org Chart.



For details on editing your Chart see, Editing an Organizational Chart.



For chart sharing options see, Sharing your Org Charts, Photoboards & Directories.

Printing and Exporting

Print and export your Org Chart or share it online using Organimi's printing and sharing options. For details see,  Printing and Exporting Org Charts in Organimi
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