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Importing From G-Suite



  • Lucas Harron

    Hi Jess, 

    That is a good question. If you set the "Manager's email" field for your user profiles in G-suite then Organimi will be able to automatically build the chart using this field to define the reporting relationships. I've included a screenshot below of this field. Feel free to contact if you have any additional questions. 


  • Jess

    Is there documentation on how the G-Suite organization needs to be set up in order to import with the roles/reporting hierarchy? 

    Before upgrading my plan I need to know which import source I'll be using. If our G-Suite is already structured in such a way that I can integrate and go, then I'll upgrade to the Team Plan. If our G-suite would require some time to restructure before I could use it as a source, then I'll upgrade to a Personal Plan and manually upload CSVs to keep the chart up to date. 


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