Importing From G-Suite

Organimi allows you to integrate with G-Suite to import members into your Organization and automatically build your Org Chart(s).  

All member information will be imported including their Photo, Name, Email, Department, Manager, Job Title, Job Description, Cost Center, Building & Floor, etc.

There are two (2) ways to integrate your chart with G-Suite:

  •       From your organization's dashboard
  •       From your Org Chart


Integrating From The Dashboard

1.  From your organization's dashboard, click the INTEGRATIONS tab.

          mceclip0.png  The Integrate with.... screen appears.




2.  Click the GET STARTED button. 

         mceclip0.png  The Sign in with Google screen appears.




3.  Click the Allow button.


               mceclip0.png  The Import Members and Roles screen appears. If you have your G-suite directory organized into "Organizational Units" you will be first given the choice to select which Organization Unit to import.



          a.  Put a checkmark in the following fields:

                   .   Import member photos (if available) 

                   .  Automatically build chart

          b. Use the "Apply Exclusions / Remove Data to be imported" to select or de-select specific Departments or apply a set of rules to automatically exclude service accounts, contractors, etc.   

          c. Click the NEXT button.


4.  Read the instructions on the screen.

5.  Click the FINISH button to complete the integration.



Note: To have Organimi automatically build your org charts be sure to set the 'Manager's email' field in G-suite. If you don't have this set you can still import the G-suite user profiles and manually build your chart using the G-suite profiles.


Having trouble? Contact us at or ask us about our concierge service.  

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    Is there documentation on how the G-Suite organization needs to be set up in order to import with the roles/reporting hierarchy? 

    Before upgrading my plan I need to know which import source I'll be using. If our G-Suite is already structured in such a way that I can integrate and go, then I'll upgrade to the Team Plan. If our G-suite would require some time to restructure before I could use it as a source, then I'll upgrade to a Personal Plan and manually upload CSVs to keep the chart up to date. 

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    Lucas Harron

    Hi Jess, 

    That is a good question. If you set the "Manager's email" field for your user profiles in G-suite then Organimi will be able to automatically build the chart using this field to define the reporting relationships. I've included a screenshot below of this field. Feel free to contact if you have any additional questions. 


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