Integrating Your Org Chart With QuickBase

This knowledgebase article shows you how to integrate your Org Chart with QuickBase. To do so, export your data from QuickBase and import into Organimi.
  1. For details on exporting data from QuickBase see, Export Data Out of Quick Base.
  2. For details on importing data into Organimi see, Creating an Org Chart by Importing Data.

Automate The Import Process 

Always keep your Chart up-to-date by using Organimi's sFTP automated import system that detects changes in the original data files, and automatically updates your Chart. 

  1. To automate the data export process and have QuickBase send data to a secure FTP folder for Organimi to pick up and monitor for changes, follow these instructions from QuickBase, Automate Table CSV Export To SFTP Location
  2. To keep your Chart up-to-date see,  How To Import From sFTP And Enable Auto-sync To Automatically Keep Charts Up-to-date


          sFTP is only available for higher-tier plans, not the Personal edition.



For details on editing your Chart see, Editing an Organizational Chart.



For chart sharing options see, Sharing your Org Charts, Photoboards & Directories.

Printing and Exporting

Print and export your Org Chart or share it online using Organimi's printing and sharing options. For details see,  Printing and Exporting Org Charts in Organimi
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