Adding Attachments

This Help article walks you through adding a file attachment to a role or a member.


Custom Field is included in Organimi's paid plans.


  1. Create a custom field. For details on creating custom fields see, Adding/Removing Public Or Private Custom Fields.



         a.  Name the field Job Description or any other relevant name of your choice. 

         b.  Determine whether the attachment is associated with a role or member, and in the Fields

              Applies to field, select the Role or Member/Person radio button.  

         c.  In the Field Type dropdown menu, select File Attachment.

         d.  Click the SAVE FIELD button to save your changes.

  2.  Open your Chart and hover over the role box to which you wish to add the attachment.


  3.  Click the Role Actions button (3 dots).

              mceclip1.png  A popup menu appears.




4.  Select Edit Role.

               mceclip1.png  The Edit Role screen appears.




5. Click the Add Custom Fields link.


            mceclip1.png  The Custom Fields screen appears.



 6.  Select the custom field you created.

          mceclip1.png  The Select File button appears in the profile.


7.  Click the Select File button to add a file.


                     ONLY attach files that you know are safe. Files can contain viruses and other malware.


                      mceclip1.png  The file attachment appears along with the following 3 buttons:

                                 .  View

                                 .  Delete

                                 .  Replace



8.  To display the custom field in your Org Chart, see Adding/Removing Public Or Private Custom Fields - Displaying The Custom Field In Your Org Chart.


Here is your Chart with the custom field. Click the icon or link to open the attachment.





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