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Access The Print Options Page                                         Printing Multiple Subcharts         

Printing The Chart                                                               Printing Multiple Pages

Optimizing The Chart For Printing                                      Printing Small Charts

Format The Chart For Readability                                      Printing Large Charts

Print Your Chart Starting With A Specific Member             Choosing A Paper Size

Step-by-step Instructions For Printing Directories              Increasing And Decreasing The Page Size 

Step-by-step Instructions For Printing Photoboards                                                

Step-by-step Instructions For Printing Rosters    

Adding A Header, Footer, Logo And Print Legend To Your Chart                   


Video Tutorial


Access The Print Options Pane 

To access all chart printing options, do the following:
  1. Open the Chart you wish to print.
  2. Click the Print icon mceclip0.png.


                The Options pane appears.





Printing The Chart 

   1.   Click the PRINT NOW button mceclip7.png


                 The Print Chart window appears.




    2.  Read the instructions then click the PREPARE FOR PRINT button.  

    3.  Click the SAVE/ OPEN FOR PRINT button. mceclip9.png


                A PDF version of your Chart appears.



      4.   Before printing the Chart on your printer, select the page size from your print options. 


      3.  Change the page size to adjust the layout of the pages. For step-by-step instructions

           see, Increasing And Decreasing The Page Size.

       4. To print the Chart see, Printing The Chart



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