How Do I Print/Export A Chart With Only Job Titles And Hierarchy

Q:  I need a copy of our Org Chart but without any specific employee details - only job titles and hierarchy. 
A:  Use Custom Formatting to create a format where the names and photos do not appear. Then select that format when printing or exporting.
  1. Open the Org Chart that you wish to only display job titles and hierarchy. 

  2. Click the Format Your Chart icon.mceclip0.png

      mceclip1.png The Format Your Chart dialog box appears.




         a.  Click the NEW FORMAT button to create a new custom format.

                 b.  Click the dots to the right of the Saved Formats field.     

                     mceclip1.png A popup menu appears.



                a.  Select Rename Format.

                b.  In the Custom Format field, type a meaningful name (e.g. Job Titles And Hierarchy).

                c.  Click the Update Name link.




                  mceclip1.png  Your custom format name appears in the Saved Formats field.




                a.  Use sliders to turn on/off items you wish to appear in your chart.  

                b.  Click sliders to disable all except Role: Name.

                c.  Click the DONE button.


                   mceclip1.png  Your chart appears with only job titles and hierarchy.




    3.  To print or export your Chart see, Printing Your Org Charts.



The next time you open the Chart, it defaults to the last selected format. Click the down arrow in the Saved Formats field to select a different format.


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