Displaying Personality Colors On An Org Chart

This knowledgebase article will walk you through creating personality colors for your Org Chart.


  1.  Create a custom field called Personality Colors or name the field as you wish. For step by step instructions on how to create custom fields see, Adding/Removing Public Or Private Custom Fields.


     2.  Click the SAVE FIELD button. 

     3.  From the toolbar, click the Smart Chart Legend icon mceclip2.png


            mceclip2.png   The Custom Fields screen appears.

     4.  If the Legend slider is OFF (grey), mceclip3.pngclick the Legend slider to turn it on (Blue) mceclip5.png



        5. Click the ADD COLOR / RULES TO LEGEND button.



       a.  Setup a rule for when Member personality colors -> "contains" -> Blue and pick the

            color blue. 

       b.  Click the SAVE button.

       c.  Repeat steps a, and b for all colors you set up. 


6.  Edit a member and type the text of the colors for that member (Blue, Red, Gold, Orange).



7.  Click the SAVE button. 

   mceclip2.png  On the Chart, the color legend appears and color badges appear. 





You can choose to show the Legend with labels for each color or set the legend to be invisible and just use the color rules. 


        8.  To change the legend position on your Chart and the badge shape, from the Chart, click the Edit

             color legend link.


                 mceclip2.png  The Smart Chart Legend screen appears. 



 9.   To change the position of the legend on your chart, click the Legend Position drop-down arrow.

 10. To change the shape of the badge, click the Badge Shape drop-down arrow.  



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