Printing Photoboards And Directories


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We recommend that after applying your print settings, you print your chart to PDF to see if you have achieved the desired results.


  1. There are two (2) options when printing photoboards and directories:

          From your Dashboard,  select the Photoboard  mceclip9.png or Directory   mceclip10.png


          Open your Chart and select the Photoboard   mceclip11.png or Directory  mceclip12.png  symbols

                from the right navigation panel


Directory View



Photoboard View



  1. Click the Print icon. mceclip0.png

         mceclip2.png  The print Options window appears.



    2.  From the left navigation panel, select your desired print options. 

    3.  Use the scroll bar to view more print options.

    4.  To change your Chart settings, click the CHART SETTINGS button.mceclip1.png

    5. When you are done with settings, click the PRINT NOW icon.

         mceclip2.png  The Print Chart window appears.


        a.  Read instructions in the Print Chart window.

        b.  Optimize Readability For Print is a default option. This option makes the Chart

             clear, legible and easy to read. 

        c.   To disable the Optimize Readability For Print option, click the checkbox to remove

              the checkmark. 

        d.  Click the PREPARE FOR PRINT button.

6.  Click the SAVE/ OPEN FOR PRINT button  mceclip7.png.

     mceclip2.png  A PDF version of your Chart appears.




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