How To Refer A Friend

Join Organimi's referral program and get free Charts. When you refer a friend, you both get five (5) free Charts when they upgrade to a paid plan.


   1.  Go to your organization's dashboard.

   2.  Click the down arrow next to your name and the name of your organization.


         mceclip0.png   A pop-up menu appears.



    3.  Select Refer Friends and Get Free Charts!


          mceclip0.png  The Refer a Friend and Get 5 Free Charts screen appears.



              a.  Click the COPY TO CLIPBOARD button to copy your custom referral link.

              b.  Paste the link into an email and send to your friends or share on social media.

               b.  In the Enter Recipients Emails field, type the email address of your friends. 


                     Use a semi-colon (;) to separate multiple email addresses.

               c.  In the Personalize your message field, you can accept the default message or

                    write your own.

               d.  Click the SEND INVITES button. 


                     mceclip0.png  A confirmation message appears at the bottom of your screen.





Having trouble? Contact us at or ask us about our concierge service.

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