Displaying Multiple Employees In A List

This knowledge base article will show you how to display multiple employees, including direct reports, in a vertical list.

This helps save space in the chart and condenses it when printing.


          The only way to show more than one employee in a list in one box is by using

          the Shared Role type.


   1.  Open the Org Chart in which you wish to format shared roles.

 2.  Click the Format Your Chart icon.



mceclip1.png  The Format Your Chart screen appears.



          a.  Click the Condensed Shared Roles slider to enable the feature.

          b.  Click the Advanced Formatting link.

               mceclip1.png  The Edit Format screen appears.



         a. Click the SHARED tab.  

         b. Put a checkmark in the Use More Compact Shared Roles checkbox.

         c. Click the SAVE FORMAT button.

             mceclip1.png  The system returns you to your Chart.

 3.  Now that you have this shared format saved, click anywhere inside a role box where you wish

       to add new Shared roles.

             mceclip1.png    The Edit Role screen appears.



        a.  From the Role Type drop-down menu, select Shared.

        b.  In the Search roster to attach member field, begin to type a name you wish to add to               

             the role.  Click the suggested member name as it appears.

        c.  When you are done adding names, click the SAVE button.

              mceclip1.png  The system returns you to your Chart. Employees you selected appear vertically in the                 

                same box.





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