How To Import From sFTP And Enable Auto-sync To Automatically Keep Charts Up-to-date


The sFTP import function allows you to import members into a Chart from external sources. Your Chart is always kept up-to-date by Organimi's automated import system, that detects changes in the original data files and automatically updates your Chart.


To enable the automatic update function and always keep your Chart up-to-date, put a checkmark in the checkbox, Automatically keep data in sync when changes are made to the original data.



     1.  Open the Org Chart into which you wish to import members.

     2.  Click the BULK IMPORT button.



                       The Import members and Roles screen appears. 



3.  Select Integrate With Another System.    


    The Integrate With... screen appears.   




4.  Click the Get Started button next to the sFTP Integration (Beta) icon.


                  After syncing your chart, the GET STARTED button changes to the VIEW &  

                   UPDATE button mceclip0.png .



                      The Setup FTP/sFTP Configuration screen appears.




     5.  Complete all fields with the required information:

               a.  Type the IP Address or Host Name of your FTP server.

               b.   The Port field defaults to the number 22.

               c.   Type the Username and Password that you use to login to your FTP server.

               d.   Type the folder path to files on your FTP server in the format;

                      folder name /sub folder (s) name / filename  (inclding extensition)

                      (e.g)  /organimi/xls/Execitive Chart.XLS


     6.  Put a checkmark in the Automatically keep data in sync when changes are made to  

           the original data checkbox.


      7.  Click the CONNECT button


                      The Import members and Roles screen appears with a list of your chart



     8.  Review the list for accuracy.


                      Changes to be made in the original file.


     9.  If there are more names on the next page, the NEXT button will appear.  Click the NEXT    

           button to go to the next page. 


    10. When you are done with reviews, click the FINISH button.


                   Your Org. Chart appears with a confirmation message at the bottom of your           






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