Managing Integrations

Organimi has a very robust and dynamic automated integration system that detects changes to your original data and automatically updates your Chart.

After successfully integrating your Charts you can:

  • Manage your integrations
  • Connect more charts 
  • Turn Email notifications ON / OFF
  • View integration logs


 Managing Integrations


  1. From your Dashboard, click the INTEGRATIONS button to access the Integrate with... screen.  

         mceclip3.png  After integrating your Chart, the GET STARTED  button changes to VIEW & UPDATE.

    2. Click the VIEW & UPDATE button.



    3.  Click the GO BACK link to return to the Dashboard.

    4.  Click the DELETE INTEGRATIONS button to remove ONLY the integration of your chart with another system. The data remains. You can delete the data separately.

          mceclip3.png This warning message appears.  



 5.  Toggle the Integration Enabled button to enable or disable integrations for your Chart.



Connecting More Charts 

     1.  Click the CONNECT A NEW CHART button to integrate another chart.

     2.  Toggle the Sync Enabled button to enable or disable automatic Chart updates.



3.  Click the DISCONNECT CHART button to ONLY remove the Chart from the integration. The data remains. You can delete the data separately.

             mceclip3.png This warning message appears. 



Turn Email Notifications On / OFF

  1. To receive email notifications for successful updates, put a checkmark in the Send Notifications for Successful Updates checkbox.
  2. To receive email notifications for failed updates, put a checkmark in the Send Notifications for Failures checkbox.
  3. To turn off notifications, click the checkboxes to remove the checkmarks.



View Integration Logs

 Click the REFRESH button to view recent Chart updates.







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