How To Display A Chart Starting With The Person Opening The Chart

This help article is for Users who wish to display an org chart starting with the person viewing the chart.

When the person to whom the chart is shared opens the chart, they are the first person to be seen on the chart   --   appearing in the center of the chat.



To share your chart with an individual, you need their email address.


1. Navigate to your organization.

     2. Open the org chart you wish to share by clicking the name.   

    3. From the top menu bar, click the share icon.  

    4. From the pop-up menu, select Share


  The Share Chart screen appears.


  1. Select your desired share options.


                 For details on other chart sharing options,

                 see Sharing Your Org Chart, Photoboards & Directories.


     6. In the Add emails to Share With field:

               a. To add Read/Write permissions, select 1 of the following from the drop-down menu:

                        can view for read-only

                        can edit to make changes


                b. Type the email address of the person to whom you wish to share the chart.



                 To remove an email address, click the X next to the email address. 


      7. Click the Select Shared Options link to customize how the chart will look when first

          viewed by the person to whom the chart is shared.


      8. Put a check mark in the Start at Person Viewing Chart checkbox so that the person

          opening the chart will be the first to be seen on the chart.



   9. Click the Preview button    to see what the chart will look like when



    10. When you are finished adding people, click the SAVE & FINISH button at the bottom of

          the screen. 


                      A confirmation message appears at the bottom of your screen; 

                      Chart shared successfully.




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