Keeping Members in a Horizontal Line

Creating an org chart with many members below the CEO will have the first few people displaying horizontally in a line, then depending on your settings, the next people you add may appear to switch to vertical stacking.   

Here is a sample org chart where this has happened:

Change the maximum stack height in the chart settings to 1, and turn off Compact mode to have your row of boxes all appear horizontal:

To change the maximum stack height:

1. Click the Stack Settings button in the toolbar at the right, then change the stack setting to 1.



Or, in the same way, change the stack settings using Chart Settings:

  1. Click Settings in the top right corner, then choose Chart Settings.

  2. Click Chart Display at the left.

    Then drag the change the Wrap Stacked Roles After slider to the left to 1, to set the bottom level nodes to horizontal (eliminating stacking). Think of this as a maximum role (row) height setting.

    [Note: Also, uncheck Enable Compact Mode to stop vertical stacking if sibling roles exist.]

  3. Click Save

    Your chart now displays as below:


Here's a quick video:


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