Exporting your Chart to PowerPoint

You can export your org chart to MS PowerPoint with ease.  This is an option available through the Export Data button on the blue toolbar, but is also available when printing. 


You may wish to export all of the chart or an abbreviated / customized org chart with only certain branches. You can also choose to export certain levels. Note: This is a paid plan feature. 

 To export an org chart to PDF, PNG or CSV:

  1.  First navigate to the Organizational Chart you wish to export, then click the Export button. 

  2. Choose one of the options provided: PDF Document, PNG Image(s), or PowerPoint Slide(s).

  3. Click Prepare File for Download.

  4. An Export Chart window appears as the file is preparing to download.

    The following window appears:

  5. Click Save.

    A button will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen, as an indication of a successful export.


  6. Click the button that appears in the bottom left corner of the screen to launch the new .pdf, .png or .ppt file.

    The org chart appears in the respective application of your choice.

  7. In Organimi, click the X to close the Export Chart window.


Tips for Large Charts:

In most cases when you have a very large chart but you only wish to download a specific team or department into a PDF or if your chart is very wide to fit into one page, you can download multiple sub-charts as PDF files to print individually.

Another option is to download the entire chart (without downloading individual sub-charts) and utilizing 'Poster Print' in Adobe PDF to paginate them when printing:


Note:  For more pagination options with larger charts choose the desired settings from the Options panel at the left. 

Here's a quick video:


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