Import Office 365 Contacts into Organimi - NEW!

Organimi now has integration with Office 365 and the ability to import contacts to assist you with the import of members of your organization!  All of the member's information including their Name, Title, Department, Email, Phone number, etc. can be imported into Organimi. 

To import your members into Organimi, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Organimi, and select A. The Organimi logo at the top left to get to the main dashboard. B. Select the Integrations tab. C. Select Configure beside Office 365 Contacts.

    - OR -

    Click the Bulk Import option: 

    Then choose A. Integrate with another system, and B. Configure beside Office 365 Contacts.


  2. Click to sign in to your Microsoft account.


  3. A message appears confirming access to your contacts, click Yes.

  4. You are then returned back to Organimi. Based on a quick scan of available data, only the relevant import options are presented.

    Under "We have found the following options available for importing", select:  

    • Microsoft Contacts, or;
    • Microsoft People (if available). 
  5. Click Next. The system reads all the data from Microsoft.


    Click Finish.
  6. The roster of contact names is imported.

Here's a quick video:


Having trouble? Contact us at or ask us about the concierge service.   


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