Azure Active Directory Integration

Organimi allows you to integrate with Azure Active Directory (AD) to import members and automatically build your org chart(s) in minutes. You have the option of keeping your org charts automatically up to date which means that as your Active Directory system is updated, your org chart is also updated.  

All member information will be imported including their Picture, Name, Title, Department, Email, Manager's name, etc. 

Organimi uses the Manager's field information on your User's AD profile to automatically build the structure of your Org Chart.

Here's a quick video: 


Note:  You must be an Active Directory Administrator to import members into Organimi from your Active Directory.



Accessing Your Active Directory

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Azure account. 
  2. Click Azure Active Directory at the left, then click Users.



         mceclip0.png  A screen containing all Users appear.



   3.  Select the first user profile and ensure the Manager field is populated. 



 4.  Check all User profiles to ensure appropriate fields are populated; e.g Name, Picture,

      Email, Job Title, Department, and Manager, etc.


There are two (2) methods by which you can integrate your chat with another system:

  •       From your organization's dashboard
  •       From your Org Chart


Integrating From The Dashboard

From your organization's dashboard, click the INTEGRATIONS tab.

       mceclip0.png  The Integrate with.... screen appears.



Integrating From Your Org Chart

   1.  Open the Chart in which you wish to import members.

   2.  Click the Bulk Import buttonmceclip2.png

        mceclip0.png  The Import Members and Roles screen appears.


     3.  Click the Integrate with Another System button. 

         mceclip0.png  The Integrate with.... screen appears.


     4.  Click the GET STARTED button next to Microsoft Azure Active Directory. 

         mceclip0.png  The Microsoft login screen appears.


       5.  Select an account.


     6.   Type your password and click the Sign in button. 


            mceclip0.png  The system returns you to the Import Members and Roles screen in Organimi which

               displays the number of Active Directory Users found and available options for importing.


        7.  Ensure that there is a checkmark in the Automatically keep data in sync when

             changes are made to the original data checkbox. This feature allows the system to

             recognize changes to your original data and automatically updates your Chart.



             When sync is enabled, you cannot edit the Chart. To edit the chart, either make 

              a copy  or disable sync.





           In Active Directory, each User can have a ‘Manager’ set. If “Manager Data” exists,

           is defined (populated), the Automatically Build Chart option appears.



       8.  Click the Select Departments & Apply Exclusion Rules link to select exclusion rules

            that allow you to filter out unwanted Active Directory user profiles, such as contractors,

            from getting imported into your Chart. Additionally, select specific departments to import.


              mceclip0.png  The Select Departments & Apply Exclusions screen appears.



                       a.  Put a checkmark in the checkbox next to exclusion rules you wish to apply.

                       b.  When you are finished applying exclusion rules, click the UPDATE

                             EXCLUSIONS  button.

                mceclip0.png You return to the Import Members and Roles screen.   



       9.  Click Next

               The system reads all the data from Microsoft and makes/validates the chart data to

               ensure a complete chart structure.

               An error message similar to the one below appears when there is a problem with the                    

               Chart structure.



              Do one (1) of the following:

                  .  Click OK to use a workaround by unchecking Automatically Build Chart and

                       import just member profiles

                    Go back to Active Directory and make the necessary corrections

                   .  Click the TRY TO IMPORT ANYWAY button



mceclip0.png  If you clicked the TRY TO IMPORT ANYWAY button, You return to the Import       

   Members and Roles screen. 




10.  Click the FINISH button.


                  mceclip0.png  The Org Chart names and other roster information including photos are imported. 




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