Navigating To Different Org Charts, Photoboards, and Directories

It is now easier than ever to navigate between different Org Charts you have created. 

You can also switch to Chart, Photoboard or Directory modes.


Navigating To Another Org Chart

  1. From an open Org Chart, click the drop-down menu in the top left corner of your screen.mceclip0.png


            mceclip1.png  A pop-up window appears displaying all Charts in your organization.


  2.  Click the name of the Org Chart to which you wish to navigate.

         mceclip1.png  The Org Chart appears.

Switching Between Charts, Photoboards And Directories   

There are two major (2) ways to switch between Chart, Photoboard and Directory modes:

      From the dashboard

      Selecting symbols from the right navigation pane


From the dashboard

     1. To switch to Chart mode, click the Chart iconmceclip3.png.

     2. To switch to Photoboard mode, click the Photoboard iconmceclip6.png.

     3.  To switch to Directory mode, click the Directory iconmceclip8.png.


Selecting symbols from the right navigation pane




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