Exporting the Roster to a CSV or Excel File

You may wish to export your roster to a csv or Excel file in order to create a report in Excel for data analysis, or printing.  Tip: You can add more columns for custom field/tag information, and then later upload the csv / excel file with new information using the Bulk Import button. Organimi will automatically detect that you have added additional columns, and will offer to create custom fields for this new information.  

To export your roster:

  1. Navigate to the Org Chart for the organization containing the names you wish to export.

  2. Click the Additional Roster Options button (3 dots) then click Export to CSV, or Export to Excel.

    [Tip: Export to Excel may work better for languages other than English.]

    This option is also available while in the roster:

  3. Under Select Chart to Export, click the drop-down to choose a specific chart, or "Entire Organization". Choose the desired options, then click Export Now

  4. You will see the csv or Excel file appear in the bottom left corner of your screen (depending on which option you selected), then click to open the file. 

    Note: You should also see the file in the downloads folder.

    Tip: When you add an additional column named Skills, and populate people's skills, i.e. Sharepoint, SQL, Presenter, then Organimi will automatically offer to add the Skills, or other custom column fields to your chart/roster during another Bulk Import. These custom tags/fields can be displayed in the org chart as desired using the Chart Format option, or you could just have it available as information in the roster. Click here to learn more.

Here's a quick video on how to export your roster information:


Having trouble? Contact us at help@organimi.com or ask us about the concierge service.    

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