Creating Custom Tag Fields - NEW!

You can create custom tag fields in Organimi which will allow you to identify things like which individuals or roles in the organization have CPR knowledge, have a computer, special skills, or works on special events.

With custom tag fields, you can create additional fields to your member roster or roles and choose to display them on your org chart using custom formats [A] button.  Custom Fields are a Paid Plan feature. 

To create a custom tag field: 

  1. Login to your Organimi account by going to

  2. Navigate to the desired org chart, then click the Custom Field button: 

    Or, when you hover over a role in the org chart, and click the Role Actions button (3 dots), then click Edit Role, you will see an option at the bottom left corner, click Add Custom Fields.


  3. In the Custom Fields dialog box, click Add New Field.

  4. Complete the following fields:


    When done, click Save Field at the bottom.

  5. To display the custom field in your org chart, click the Format Chart A button.

  6. Choose +Add More fields if displayed, then scroll down and click to enable the slider for the custom field you added. 

    When enabled, the field jumps to the top section of the dialog, and the slider appears with a blue dot to the right.

  7. Click Done.

  8. Lastly, proceed to add the custom field data by going to the Organization Roster, or edit the role by clicking on the button with 3 dots, or, import your roster* with all the custom field information. If you are importing the data, then in the excel column which contains the Skills, separate each skill with a colon (i.e. Special Events:HR:Lead), see below example:


    *Note: Importing your roster via an Excel or .csv file is the quickest method of bringing in employee data. 

    Once populated, the tag data is displayed on the org chart:

    The tag data is also displayed in card view:


Here's a quick video:


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