Creating Custom Tag Fields

Custom tag fields allow you to identify individuals with specialized roles or skills (e.g. CPR, First Aid, Event Planner, Team Lead).

You can add fields to your member roster and choose to display them in your Org Chart using custom formats. 


Custom Field is included in Organimi's paid plans.


  1. Open the Org Chart that you wish to change.

  2. There are two (2) ways to access custom fields, click the Custom Field button mceclip0.png     OR

            .  Hover over a role in the Org Chart

            Click the Role Actions button (3 dots)

            .  Click Edit Role

            The Edit Role screen appears, at the bottom left corner of the screen, click Add Custom Fields.



                      mceclip2.png   The Custom Fields screen appears.



           3.  Click the Add New Field button.



    a.  In the Custom Field Name, type the name of the new field. Make the name

             meaningful   (Skills, CPR Expert, etc.).

                        b.  In the Fields Applies to field, click the appropriate radio button.    

                        c.  The Field Type defaults to Text. Click the dropdown arrow to select Tags.  



         d.  When done, click the SAVE FIELD button to save your changes. 



Displaying The Custom Field In Your Org Chart 

  1. With the Chart open, click the Format Your Chart icon.mceclip0.png

     mceclip1.png The Format Your Chart dialog box appears.



          a.  Click the slider to enable the custom field you added. 


   When enabled, the field jumps to the top of the dialog, and the slider appears blue.

          b.  Click the Done button to exit the screen.


When populated, the tag data appears in the Org Chart.

The tag data also displayed in card view.


         2.  To add data to your custom fields, see Adding Data To Custom Fields.

        3.  To import custom data into your Chart, see Importing an Employee Roster.


Importing your Roster via an Excel or .csv file is the fastest way to populate your Chart with employee data. 


Here's a quick video:


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