How can I provide limited rights in an account?

Question:  One of our VP's wants to create his own department org chart within our account. Is there a way I can add him, but not make him an admin?


Answer:  This isn't a supported feature at the moment, however, there are alternative solutions listed below.

The idea of having admin rights that can be tailored specifically to org charts has been discussed internally.  This request is raised for our product management team.

Click here to learn how to add admins in case you wanted to go that route:

Also, here are a couple of suggestions that might be good workarounds:

1) You can create a New Organization for your VP and add them as an Administrator to only that organization. They can then create their own charts, members, etc but only administer that organization, not your other ones. This new organization will be under your license as long as you create it, so that might be the trick. The only downside is it would duplicate each of the Organizations members in both Organizations but that might not be an issue. 

2) You could also create another New Chart within the organization you already have and then Share this chart with your VP with "Edit permissions". Your VP could then edit and build out that chart. The members that get assigned to the chart will all be part of the same organizations roster so would be shared with other charts you have in that organization.   
Click here to read the article on Sharing an Org Chart with Other People.

Let us know if this helps or if you have any other questions. 
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