Viewing Directories in Organimi

The Directory is the roster list of members sortable by clicking on the field heading. Columns are displayed for all fields such as Name, Details, Email, Phone, Title, Description, and also custom fields. Use the Change View Mode button to switch between Chart, Photoboard, and Directory view.

To view and use the directory:

  1. Click the Change View Mode button, then choose Directory.

    The view switches to the directory view.

  2. Hover the mouse pointer over a member, then click the 3 dots that appear before the name. Choose Preview to view the information card.

    The information card appears:

    Click the x at the top right to close the information card.

  3. Hover over a member, click the 3 dots that appear, then click Edit Role, to edit the member's details.

    Make changes, then click Save.

  4. To delete the role, click the 3 dots, then choose Remove Role from Chart.

    The role is deleted.

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