Viewing Photoboards in Organimi

The Photoboard is a view of the org chart members/roles in rows containing tiles, displaying large pictures of the member if available, names, titles, and reporting relationships. The Photoboard view is created automatically when you create your org chart. 

Photoboards are searchable and provide a quick method of viewing role and member data.

To view the Photoboard:

  1. While viewing the org chart, click the Change View Mode button on the blue toolbar.

  2. Click Photoboard from the menu that appears.


    Alternatively, click A. the Organimi logo at the top left, then from the main dashboard choose B. the Photoboard button to the right of the org chart name.

    The Photoboard appears, with a search option on the blue toolbar above.

  3. Hover the mouse over the desired role and the 3 dots, then choose View, to show the card view displaying reports and other information.


    Click Direct Reports and Related Roles to view the related member names. 

  4. To close the card, click the x at the top right.

  5. To edit a role, hover over the role and click the 3 dots, then choose Edit. Make the desired changes, then click Save at the bottom.

  6. To delete a role, hover over the role and click the 3 dots, then choose Remove role from chart.

    A warning message appears, "Are you sure you want to delete the role: Name of role?"

  7. Click Delete Role to confirm.

    Here's a quick video:


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