Viewing Photoboards In Organimi

Photoboard is a photo view of members in the Org Chart, displaying large pictures of the member, if available, names, titles, and reporting relationships.

The Photoboard view is created automatically when you create your Org Chart. 

Photoboards are searchable and provide a quick method of viewing roles and member data.


There are two major (2) ways to view your Photoboard:

      .  From the dashboard

      .  Selecting the Photoboard symbol from the right navigation pane


     1.  From the dashboard, click the Photoboard  mceclip0.png icon or select the Photoboard icon from the

          right navigation pane.



                  mceclip3.png  A photo view of members in your roster appears.



         3.  Roll your cursor over a member to see Edit dots.

         4.  Click the Edit dots.

                mceclip3.png  A pop-up window appears.



        5. Use options in the pop-up window to:

               .  View member details

             .   Edit member details

              .   Remove the Role from the chart



If you have a large Chart, use the Search mceclip4.png feature to find members.



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