How do I create and display badges?

Question: How do I create and display badges on my chart?

Answer:  You can add a Badge to distinguish that a role (or member) has a certain feature, i.e. Management, or a special distinction, such as a Part-Time or Global position.

To add a badge to certain roles in your chart:

  1. Open the chart where you wish to add badges.

  2. Click the Smart ChartTM Legend button.

  3. Turn the legend ON by clicking the slider.

  4. Choose Add Color / Rules to Legend:

  5. Select the desired options:

    A. Select a color, B. Enter a label, C. Choose an option, D. Click Choose Badge, then click on the desired badge, E. Select a field for the condition for the badge to appear, F. Enter a term for the condition, G. Click the blue add button, H. Click Save.

  6. Click the X to close the dialog. 

    The Badges are automatically applied to the Chart, based on the condition of the "Value to match" entered for the rule (Step F. above).

    Note: The picture below indicates a badge of "P" is used for Part-Time employees.

    Badges also appear in Photoboard and Directory view.

    Note: For more information on linking Colors and Custom Fields click here.

Here's a quick video showing how to add a badge:

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