How do I link colors and custom fields?

Question: How do I link colors and custom fields?

Answer:  You can add a color legend to your chart and link the colors to custom fields with conditional rules.

Here's how to add conditional color coding to your chart:

  1. Click Smart ChartTM Legend on the blue toolbar at the top of the screen.

  2. Click the slider to turn Show Legend to ON mode.

  3. Click the blue Add Color / Rules to Legend button.

  4. To apply the conditional color coding:

    A. Click, then choose a color, B. Enter a Label name, C. Choose a field as a condition to apply the color to, D. Enter a value for the condition, E. Click the blue Add button to add the conditional rule.

  5. Click the blue Save button at the bottom to save the rule.

    (You are returned to the previous dialog box. Click the X in the top right to close the dialog.)

    Note: In this case, a blue color stamp is applied to all role boxes with the word "Manager" in the role. A Legend appears on the screen, to indicate the color coding in the chart.

    The color codes can be seen in Photoboard and Directory view modes:

    The color codes and Legend also appear in Photoboard view:

    The color codes and the Legend also appear in Directory view:

Here's a quick video:


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