Adding Conditional Badges To Your Chart

Add a Badge to distinguish that a role has a certain feature, i.e. Management, or a special distinction.

  1. Open the Chart where you wish to add badges.

  2. Click the Smart ChartTM Legend button. 


                         mceclip2.png  The Smart Chart Legend screen appears.

      3. Turn ON the legend by clicking the slider.

    4. Click the ADD COLOR / RULES TO LEGEND button.

   5. Select your desired options.


    A. Click the color square to select a color.

    B. Enter a label.

    C. Choose an option.

    D. Click Choose Badge, then click on the desired badge.

    E. Select a field for the condition for the badge to appear.

    F. Enter a term for the condition.

    G. Click the Add icon.

    H. Click SAVE.

6. Click the X to close the dialog. 

The Badges are automatically applied to the Chart, based on the condition of the Value to match entered for the rule (Step F. above).


The picture below indicates that badge P is used for Part-Time employees.


Badges also appear in Photoboard and Directory view.


For more information on linking Colors and Custom Fields see, Linking Colors And Custom Fields.



Here's a quick video showing how to add a badge:

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