Adding a Legend with Smart Chart Colors

Creating a legend for your chart is easy.  A color legend allows you to create smart automatic conditional color rules.  Colors can be linked to custom fields which contain certain criteria. For example, you can color role boxes red where the salary is greater than 50,000, or color a position where the member has exceptional computer skills. 

To add a legend to your chart:

  1. Click on Smart ChartTM Legend on the top toolbar.

    The Chart Legend dialog box appears.

  2. Click the slider to change the show legend setting to Legend: ON.

  3. Choose the desired options:

    A. Enter a Legend Name as desired.

    B. Select a Legend Position from the drop-down.

    C. Select a Badge Shape from the drop-down.

    D. Select a Color Display Style from the drop-down.

    E. Select Add Color / Rules to Legend, and then proceed to specify your conditions:

            1. Select a color and label, 2. Select a Field, i.e. Role name, 3. Enter a value, then
            4. Click the blue Add button. Click Save at the bottom when finished.

    F. Select Add Legend Labels for all manual colors in chart, to add labels to manual colors. (Manual meaning colors you've already applied to role boxes).

    G. Click to copy a legend from another chart.

    When finished, click the x at the top right, to close the dialog.

  4. To turn off the display of the legend, choose edit color legend,

    then choose the Color Display Style: "Only show manual colors" from the drop-down to hide the conditional color codes.

    To turn on the legend, click one of the other three options available from the Color Display Style drop-down.

  5. Click the x at the top right to close the dialog.

  6. To print the Legend, click Print, then choose a legend location from More Options at the left.

    Here's a quick video on how to add automatic conditional color codes with a legend:

    Having trouble? Contact us at or ask us about the concierge service.  

         Smart Charts TM is a trademark of Organimi, Inc.

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