Why do some special characters, signs and fonts not export correctly to the CSV file?

Question: Why do some special characters, signs, and fonts not export into a CSV file correctly from Organimi? 

Answer: If you have exported data from Organimi to a CSV file, and the exported CSV file displays wrong or invalid special characters, edit the CSV file and change the encoding by following these steps:

1. Close the CSV File.

2. Launch Excel.

3. Click the Data tab, then click the button From Text/CSV in the Get & Transform Data group.


    Or, if you are in a slightly older version of Excel, the button may appear as From Text:  


   The Import Data dialog box appears (see below).

4. Browse for the CSV file you exported, then select the file by clicking on it.

5. Click the Import button at the bottom.

6. Under File Origin, click the drop-down and choose the Encoding to 65001:Unicode (UTF-8).

Click the Load button at the bottom.

Or, depending on the version of Excel, your screen may appear as:

Click Finish at the bottom.

You should see the file with the proper characters and can then save this file.

Importing the CSV File Back Into Organimi:

Note: Should you wish to import this CSV file back into Organimi at a later time, click here to follow the instructions on Creating an Org Chart by Importing Data, or Importing an Employee Roster, and when you get to the select the CSV step, be sure to choose the option 

 "Select file encoding >>ISO-8859-1" shown outlined in red below.

Having trouble? Contact us at help@organimi.com or ask us about the concierge service.  

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