Why aren't my LinkedIn searches pulling photos or information?

Question: Why aren't my LinkedIn searches pulling photos or information?

Answer: LinkedIn has been making a number of changes in the recent weeks and has restricted access to a lot of their data that was previously available. A number of older photos are no longer available, unfortunately. 

We have recently updated our LinkedIn search so that searching for new photos does correctly find them.  If your search is not finding new photos when searching, it may be possible that the user profiles have been set to "private".  In this case, our system won't be able to find them. Perhaps check back later to see if the user has "published" their profile, and switched their setting back to public.


Hint: When searching for the name, add the company name after the individual name to narrow the search. Click the blue "Search" button. Click on the desired name you located.

Click here to read the help article on searching LinkedIn profiles.

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