How do I add a Shared Assistant?

Question: How do I add a shared Assistant in my org chart, where multiple people (2-3) share a department or an Assistant?

Answer: This can be set up in a couple of different ways, depending on the reports of the multiple people.

  • If the multiple people have the same reports (that is, they report to the same person), then create the role as a Shared role with many members, and the assistant role can be set up as a Single or Assistant role below them. Hover over the Shared role, and click the "+" sign below to add the Assistant.

    Below is a picture of two VP Finance people in a shared role, with an Assistant (seen below) reporting to both of them as a "Single" type of role on the left, and "Assistant" type of role on the right.


  • If the multiple people have different reports, and only share the Assistant, then currently you'd have to add the assistant to report to each of them separately.
Click here to learn more about Shared role types
Here's a quick video on how to add an Assistant to a Shared role:
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