Creating A Custom Format With Custom Fields

When you have created and added data to custom fields, you can display the information in a customized format.

If you have not yet created custom fields, see Adding/Removing Public Or Private Custom Fields.   


Displaying Custom Data Fields In Your Org Chart

  1. Open the Org Chart to which you wish to add custom fields. 

  2. Click the Format Your Chart icon.mceclip0.png

      mceclip1.png The Format Your Chart dialog box appears.


                a. Click the NEW FORMAT button.

                b. Format your chart by using sliders and selecting various options.

                c. Use sliders to turn on/off items you wish to appear in your chart.

                d.  Click the +Add More Fields link to create new fields for your Chart.

Advanced Formatting 

  1. For more formatting options such as text font (bold, etc.), and to make changes by role type, click the Advanced Formatting link.

           mceclip1.png  The Edit Format dialog box appears.


              a. Make changes to the following properties as desired:

                       .  Photo

                       . Card

                       .  Field

             b.  In Card Properties, enable/disable Auto Box Heights, which automatically resizes role boxes

                   to accommodate the display of additional data fields.  Notice sizing and color options.

             c.  In Field Properties, drag to re-order fields, or remove a field by clicking the X beside 

                  the field you wish to hide.

             d.  Click the ADD FIELD button to add more fields.

             e.  To give your custom format a name, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the format

                  field to change the name to something meaningful, (e.g. LinkedIn or Sales View).

              f.  Click the SAVE FORMAT button to save your custom format.


             The next time you open the Chart, it defaults to the last selected format. 





Adding/Removing Public or Private Custom Fields

Adding Data to Custom Fields


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