How do I display the email or phone number in the org chart?

Question: How do I display the email or phone number on the org chart?
Answer: FYI, you can see the email address and phone number in the Directory view.  To display this information in your org chart, here's how:
  • Firstly, ensure you have that information in the members of the organization roster at the left. Click the pencil to edit a member.

    [Note: There is no need to create a custom field for this, as it already exists!]

    Enter their email address and phone number. Click Save.

  • Then, click the Chart Formats icon A.

    Select New Format, then +Add More Fields.

  • Choose Member: Email to enable the field. 

  • Enable other fields as desired.

  • Click Done.

    Note: If the information does not display to your liking or doesn't entirely fit on the role box, click A again, then click Advanced Formatting. You can make the boxes larger or the font sizes smaller in the Card Properties section. When done, click Save Format.

 Having trouble? Contact us at [email protected] or ask us about the concierge service.  

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